April 18, 2007
Vol 2 | Num 16

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Andersen Sues Pella over Screen Patent
AFG Glass Changing Its Name
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The Latest...

Andersen Sues Pella over Screen Patent

Andersen Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Pella Corp. for alleged violations of an insect screen patent. The case, filed last week, involves Pella and W.L. Gore & Associates and claims the companies produced and are selling a version of Andersen’s Reduced Visibility Insect Screen, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Pella officially launched its VividView product at the 2004 International Builders’ Show. At the time, the manufacturer said the new screen provided a clearer view and enhanced ventilation, as well as an improved appearance from the outside.

Andersen officially launched its TruScene insect screen commercially at the 2005 IBS event. The manufacturer had displayed the product in 2003, however, as part of a display highlighting its Project Odyssey, a research and development effort that examined the future role of windows and doors in the home.

Neither company is commenting on the case, but according to the newspaper, the case surfaced on the heels of this year’s IBS, during which both companies touted invisible screens.

Andersen’s patent for its screen,
number 7,195,053, was filed in 2004. It claims that “to the ordinary observer, the screens are less visible in the sense that the interference to observing a scene either on the exterior or the interior of the screen is substantially reduced.”

W.L. Gore & Associates is a Newark, DE-based supplier of consumer products and components, including the patented Gore-Tex fabric.


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