May 30, 2007
Vol 2 | Num 22

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Masonite Affected by Flagship Customer Loss
Losing as much as $300 million in annual sales from its now scaled-back relationship with national retailer Home Depot, Masonite International Inc. expects to close four facilities... read more
Southeast Growth Spurt for ABC Supply
ABC Supply Co. Inc. has agreed to buy the assets of Ashley Aluminum LLC, a transaction that will include 48 locations in... read more
ICC Group Looking at Secondary Latches for Falls Prevention
What is the best way to reduce the likelihood of a child falling out of a window? This question has plagued our industry a long time... read more
International Window & Façade Conference Set for June
The Vienna-based market research firm, Interconnection Consulting, will host its fourth international conference... read more
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The Talk
In the current housing market, charging customers more for product is...
...too risky—they’ll look for another supplier.
...a risk worth taking—rising costs must be offset.
...part of the game—price hikes are expected, regardless of the market.

Christina Lewellen,
Window & Door senior editor

It certainly isn’t getting any cheaper to make windows and doors, but is the market just too tight right now to even consider increasing your prices? Reading Masonite’s quarterly report, we learned the sweeping implications of the company’s 2006 price hike. The door manufacturer’s biggest customer, Home Depot, dropped it for a competitor, leaving Masonite to deal with seven now-unnecessary plants and thousands of unnecessary workers. It seems like the stakes are pretty high to attempt to pass along some of your skyrocketing costs to your customers.

Will price increases have to wait until the residential housing market has a solid growth spurt?
Email me to share your thoughts.

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