October 10, 2007 | Vol 2, Num 40
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Photo of Air-Tight sudden impact IG system from Glasslam

The Air-Tight sudden impact IG system from Glasslam

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DOE Reveals Possible Revisions to
Energy Star Requirements
The DOE has officially announced intentions to set new requirements for window, door and skylight manufacturers... read more

FMA Meets in Daytona
Photo of demonstration at FMAThe Fenestration Manufacturers Association gathered†last week with window installation demonstrations, 2007 Florida code changes, HVAC education and energy efficiency updates at the top of the agenda... read more

AAMA Meeting to Feature
Hurricane Simulator Demonstration
Photo of hurricane simulatorA live, full-scale demonstration of the U. of Fla.'s hurricane simulator will highlight AAMA's national fall conference next week. It is designed to show the real-world effects of hurricane-force winds and wind-driven rain on a structure... read more

Sage in the Running for DOE Funds
Sage Electrochromics is eligible for the next round of evaluation for possible funding from the DOE's†loan guarantee program... read more

The Outside View...

... read more

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The Talk...

When it comes to my actual window or door installation experience,...
...I've never installed one, despite my relatively heavy involvement in the industry.
...I've installed so many, I could teach a class about it.
...I don't regularly install, but I've ventured into the uncharted teritory on occassion.

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Photo of Christina Lewellen

Christina Lewellen,
senior editor
of Window & Door

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is the day for some serious truth telling. Get ready to fess upóIíll start the confessional.

For all the mouthing off I do about windows and doors all day, every day, Iíve never actually put a fenestration product in a hole. Iíve seen many, many products being made. Iíve even bought my fair share of replacement products and happily watched from afar as the installation crews did their work (in February in Western New York, I might add, so I kept the coffee rollingómy contribution above and beyond paying the bill). But last week at the FMA meeting, I learned enough about the step-by-step process that Iím raring to go find an opening to prep.

Nah, thatís a lie. Iím not going to put in a window myself. But I do want to know if youíve ever actually installed a window. Now, this is not so much a confession if youíve actually been paid to do so at some point or are currently earning a living as an installer. But if youíre making components or even the finished products, have you ever taken the time to install a window? And if you did, how did it go? Piece of cake? Not as easy as it looks? Write me an email and share.

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