January 30, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 5
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Manufacturers Facing Tougher Markets, Tougher Performance Criteria
Numerous challenges facing the industry were front and center at the Window & Door Manufacturers Association’s annual conference, concluding today... read more

Vinylmax Settles Into New Plant
Coming off a 2007 that outperformed 2006 by about 20 percent and expecting the same or a greater increase for 2008, Vinylmax has transitioned to its new facility in
Hamilton, Ohio...
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SNE Continues Scale Back
Shortly after announcing the closure of its West Virginia and Georgia plants, SNE Enterprises is sending nearly half of its Wisconsin workforce home to wait out the winter... read more

Michigan Manufacturer Grows
Genesee Valley Windows Inc., a direct sales manufacturer serving the Flint, Mich., region, will relocate in February to expand its operations, company officials announced... read more

Canadian Manufacturer Expands Workforce
Atlantic All-Weather Windows Ltd., one of the largest window and door manufacturers in Eastern Canada, will create about 200 jobs at its new plant in Amherst, Nova Scotia... read more

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What do you think of the .32 U-factor requirement being considered for the Northernmost zone in the 2009 Energy Star criteria?
It's reasonable, even with a low SHGC.
It's reasonable, if SHGC is higher.
It should be more stringent.
It should be less stringent.

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John Swanson,
associate publisher
of Window & Door

Following up on a Department of Energy update on plans to make criteria to qualify for an Energy Star window label more stringent, last week we asked what you thought of one of the most stringent numbers under consideration—a U-factor of .30 for the Northernmost climate zone. Read Page 2 of the Talk and you’ll see the response was pretty overwhelming.

DOE actually said it’s considering a U-factor requirement of between .30 to .32 for this zone. We found out most of you think .30 is too stringent. What about .32? That’s our poll question this week and I’ll add one note—it’s been suggested to me that even .32 could be problematic if DOE also establishes an SHGC requirement, possibly as low as .35, for that same region.

I want to assure all you readers in warmer climes that we haven’t forgotten you. We’ll be asking about the numbers that impact you most too in the coming weeks. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a poll. If you have particular concerns about the Energy Star criteria in the Sunbelt, I’d like to hear from you. I encourage everyone to email me with your feedback on changes to Energy Star.

RESULTS AND COMMENTS FROM LAST WEEK'S POLL—"What do you think of most stringent U-factor number being considered for 2009 criteria?": The idea of a .30 U-factor requirement to get an Energy Star label in the North isn’t very popular. Click here to see the poll results and feedback.
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