March 5, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 10
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Peachtree to Expand Door Manufacturing
in Wisconsin
Peachtree Doors & Windows is expanding its manufacturing in Park Falls, Wis., to include steel and fiberglass entry door systems, and its Citadel fiberglass foamed-in patio door... read more

AAMA Discusses Possible Green Initiatives
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association jumped right into its 2008 game plan during its annual meeting... read more

New Production System Said to Reduce Labor/Scrap Substantially
A new vinyl window production system is said to reduce labor 50 to 75 percent and scrap up to 30 percent... read more

Custom Glass Expands Midwest Production
Custom Glass Products Inc. has finished construction of a new state-of-the-art glass fabrication facility... read more

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Do you see products falsely labeled to deceive code officials as a common problem in areas you do business?
Yes, we see and hear about examples of it all the time.
It's a problem, but it doesn't happen all that frequently.
We're aware of a few cases, but it's not a big problem.
We've never seen it happen.

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John Swanson,
associate publisher of Window & Door

Last week, we reported on a lawsuit brought by a South Carolina dealer alleging false labeling of windows. The dealer charges that windows not meeting code requirements are being labeled to say they do.

My reaction to this story was, "Sure, there are people out there that will take advantage of lax code enforcement, who will somehow try to plead ignorance if caught, but it's hard to believe anybody beyond the stray guy working out of the back of a truck would even think of putting false labels on a product." The risks of being found out and the potential penalties involved if someone got hurt and it was the result of deliberate fraud seem too great.

Am I naive? I thought I'd use this week's poll to find out. Do you think false labeling of windows and doors is a problem? Have you heard about jobs where this kind of thing has happened? If not false labels, have you seen other approaches used to put windows and doors that are not up to code? In areas where codes aren't enforced, do people try to take advantage of that fact? Or perhaps there's still a lot of incompetence out there? I'd really appreciate your comments on this topic. You don't have to name names, email me and share your real-world stories.

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