April 23, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 17
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AvantGuard finishing technique
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Quality Control: Spend a Little Now, Save a Lot Later

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AGC to Shut Down Float Lines as Part of Restructuring Plan
AGC Flat Glass North America, formerly known as AFG, is closing three float glass production lines and two glass coating operations this year, and also plans to sell its glass fabrication business. ... read more

Loewen Cuts Back Workforce
Loewen Windows is laying off about 100 workers due to the housing downturn. ... read more

Atrium Consolidating Southwest Operations
Atrium Cos. Inc. will consolidate two manufacturing plants into a single dedicated vinyl window facility. ... read more

Wheeler’s Re-Emerging Much the Same
Wheeler’s Building Materials owners have formed a new company to purchase substantially all Wheeler's assets. ... read more

FMA Opens Doors to Code Officials
The FMA trained local building code officials, architects and builders on window- and door-related issues. ... read more

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... read more

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The Talk...

Most of the work ethic from employees at my company falls into the following category:
Leaves something to be desired.
Lukewarm—most just show for a paycheck but a few stand-outs go above and beyond.
Pretty good—team spirit and customer service does still exist.

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Christina Lewellen,
senior editor
of Window & Door

Ok, so if you’re not a huge fan of Ben Stein, just ignore the picture and focus instead on the message. In this blog, he shares a personal experience about some disappointing customer service and makes a valid point about willingness to work. Sure, we’re in an economic downturn, but there are jobs to be had, especially for those who are willing to work—really work.

This happens to be a hot button of mine. Maybe it’s been too many years of living in Northern Virginia, having teens driving BMWs pull up alongside my family sedan at a stoplight. But more likely it’s from traveling around the country and talking to dealers and manufacturers who are increasingly challenged to find workers who care to put a window in a hole with some degree of integrity.

What’s your ratio of really-workers versus not-really-workers? Are you lucky enough to have a good portion of your staff that’s willing to dig in and work hard? Please send me an email to share.

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