June 18, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 25
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Velux to Expand North America Manufacturing
Skylight and roof window manufacturer Velux will expand its North American production operations—spending about $14 million and adding about 25 jobs. ... read more

SNE to Cut 300 More Jobs by August
SNE Enterprises, the manufacturer of Crestline and Vetter windows and doors, will cut 305 jobs at its Mosinee, Wis. facility
by August 13. ...
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Paragon Door Aquires Radiance Entry Line
Paragon Door Designs Inc. has aquired exclusive rights to the Radiance Entry Systems product line, customer base and order stream of Erie, Pa.-based J.J. Moore Sales Inc. ... read more

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When do you think your company might pull the trigger on a substantial investment?
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Before year end
First half of 2009
Second half of 2009
Too soon to tell

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John Swanson,
associate publisher of Window & Door

After reporting on so many closings and lay-offs, it’s exciting to feature news of Velux expanding in this week’s newsletter. Last week, we reported that Marvin was expanding one of its North Dakota plants.

No doubt, both of these companies are looking long term, and perhaps these plans have been in the works for a few years, but I wonder if there’s some good news for the short term here too. Are Velux and Marvin pulling the trigger because they think we’re over the worst of the housing market woes? They may not think sales volume will increase anytime soon, but these moves must reflect some confidence that demand for product will not continue to spiral downward.

Okay, your company may not be ready to begin a big plant expansion, but you must have some new investments you’re thinking about. When do you think you’ll be confident enough to pull the trigger? That’s our poll question for the week. And, of course, email me—particularly if you’ve already made a move. I’d love to share some good news.

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