July 16, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 29
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MIT Turning Windows into Solar Panels
Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers report a new approach to harnessing the sun's energy more cost effectively using windows that also allow a clear view. ... read more

HIG to Close Shapes/Arch Acquisition
Miami-based private equity group HIG Capital LLC will close its $91.5 million acquisition of Accu-Weld LLC parent company Shapes/Arch Holdings LLC on July 31, according to a report in the Courier Post in Camden, N.J. ... read more

Andersen Launches New Composite Line
At the recent PCBC 2008 show in San Francisco, Andersen Windows introduced the new 100 Series new construction window line made of its Fibrex composite. ... read more

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The Talk...

Windows that generate electricity will:
Revolutionize the industry in next 10 years.
Revolutionize the industry, but it will take longer.
Will be surpassed by other technologies
Will have impact in niche markets.
Are a pipe dream.

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John Swanson,
associate publisher
of Window & Door

The concept of turning windows into solar panels has been around for some time, and it still is just that, but MIT researchers are reporting a breakthrough and say that such a product can be commercialized in just a few years. Their announcement captured the attention of the financial, high-tech and even mainstream press more than any product announcement related to our industry I’ve seen in 20 years.

Old skeptic that I am, I know commercialization—creating a product that can actually be manufactured cost-effectively and warranted to perform for 20 years on a building—is no small thing. Still, it’s exciting to think about how this could revolutionize are industry. What do you think? That’s our poll question of the week and, of course, I’d like to hear from you. Email me if you’re a clean-tech enthusiast, a sales guy itching to sell this to homeowners or a designer or manufacturing expert that sees huge challenges before anything like this could get off the ground.

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Prior to MIT’s solar collector announcement last week, our poll question asked what impact "Solar and whole building design concepts" would have on industry. Click here to see the results of last week’s Talk...
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