December 17, 2008 | Vol 3, Num 50
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Republic Workers End Sit-In with Win
With additional loans of $1.35 million from Bank of America and $400,000 from JPMorgan Chase,  Republic Windows & Doors has agreed to meet its obligations to its employees, ending a six-day sit-in by the company's union workers that attracted significant national
attention. ... read more

Vinyl Link Fabricator Program Rolled Out
Vinyl Life Outdoor Building Products is rolling out its Collective Success Program, designed to provide pre-notched, pre-cut profiles using the Vinyl Link process to window fabricators. ... read more

Harvey Adding New Pennsylvania Locations
Continuing its growth throughout the Northeast, Harvey Building Products has opened the first of two new distribution and showroom facilities in Pennsylvania. ... read more

The Window Store Adds Five New Suppliers
The Window Store will now offer customers an expanded selection of doors and windows from Andersen Windows, IWC Windows & Doors, Marvin Windows & Doors’ Integrity line, CertainTeed, and
Velux. ... read more

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The Talk...

Should President Bush issue a bailout to U.S. auto makers?

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Christina Lewellen,
senior editor
of Window & Door
So I'll admit I'm probably not the best person from which you should solicit an opinion regarding the Big Three auto makers and the current bailout banter. The Ford I've owned for one year dropped a transmission last week so I'm a little bitter at the moment. We'll save that story for another Talk...

After Senate Republicans said "no thanks" to the bailout proposal in front of them last week, the U.S. auto manufacturers' fate rests in the President's hands. Reports about a timeline for such an announcement are vague but President George W. Bush was quoted on Monday as saying, "This will not be a long process because of the economic fragility of the autos."

What would you do? I want you to vote in the poll question but I also want you to tell me WHY you voted the way you did. Bring it on—I've got my office properly armored. Should the President throw the auto industry a line with this bailout? What conditions are crucial to making it work?

I'll share some of my thoughts next week... after I find out how much it's going to cost to fix my Ford.

The Talk..., Page 2

"The Republic story will..."

The Republic saga appears to be over and the general sense among readers appears to be that the flurry of national attention the story received will have little impact on our industry. Read Page 2 of The Talk...

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