June 3, 2009 | Vol. 4, No. 22
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Paradigm Windows Looks to Expand with New Investor

White Oak Partners, a private equity investment firm of Columbus, Ohio, has entered into an agreement with Maine's Applicator Sales & Services Inc. to acquire a stake in its Paradigm Window Solutions.. read more

Gienow Completes Restructuring Plan

The Gienow Group, one of the Canada's largest window and door manufacturers, recently completed a restructuring plan that enables it "to significantly reduce its outstanding debt....read more

Atrium Looking to Restructure

Atrium Cos. Inc. has entered into a forbearance agreement with its principal lenders that will provide the window and door manufacturer with additional time to restructure...read more 

Seaway Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Seaway Manufacturing Corp. celebratee its 50th anniversary on Friday, May 29, welcoming local and state officials to its plant in Erie, Pa....read more

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The Talk...

As a result of the current recession, my company:
Has had to conduct no layoffs, and hopefully won't have to
Has made significant reductions in our workforce
Has conducted minor layoffs
Has not had to make cuts yet, but is likely to before we escape the downturn

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Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door

Do you use the "L" word? While I wish I were talking about the "L" word "love," I'm actually talking about the "L" word "layoffs." Friday was a tough day for me with regards to the "L" word. Two industry buddies touched base with me to let me know they were let go that very day. No sooner had I gotten off the phone with one than I got an email from another letting me know his company had conducted a RIF that morning.

Ugh. When will this bleeding end? I know this needs to happen. One of the most poignant moments I recall from getting my MBA is when a speaker told my class, "companies don't exist to employ people." He was right. Companies exist to make money. Still, it's tough when these business cycles continue to affect people with whom you're used to interacting at industry meetings and trade shows.

Looking back at our coverage and Talk topics for the last 6 to 9 months or so, I realized that we've covered a lot of layoffs in our news section, but we've never talked about it casually here in The Talk. So let's talk about it now. We haven't been immune to layoffs at Window & Door, and I'm guessing you have your fair share of stories to share too. Please send an email my way and let me know how layoffs have impacted your company.


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"Are Customers Willing to Pay for More?"

As we add features and benefits, it seems most in the industry think consumers see the added value...read more

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