January 6, 2010 | Vol 5, Num 1
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2010 Industry Pulse a Bit Stronger

Annual Window & Door survey, sponsored by Truth Hardware, finds manufacturers and dealers expect a better year ahead...read more

R-5 Window Program Now Accepting Manufacturer Proposals

The Department of Energy's Highly Insulating R-5 Window and Low-E Storm Window Volume Purchase Program is now seeking proposals from manufacturers...read more

International Aluminum Enters Restructuring Agreement
In a move designed to significantly reduce its debt, International Aluminum Corp., parent company of International Window Corp. and United States Aluminum, has filed...read more

Hurd Hosts Ribbon-Cutting for Re-Opened Plant

Hurd Windows & Doors recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, officially reopening its Medford, Wis., manufacturing facility. More than 60 business leaders ...read more

Industry Expresses Hope for New Government Energy Programs

Following a December 15th speech by President Obama, detailing the need for nationwide energy-efficient home improvements, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association says it has high expectations that a newly proposed government program will encourage consumers...read more

WDDA to Host Webinar on New EPA Lead Rules

The new Window & Door Dealers Alliance is planning a February 9 webinar focusing on pending Environmental Protection Agency rules related to remodeling projects in pre-1978 homes....read more

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The Talk...

My 2010 resolution for my company is...
To kick it up a notch with customer satisfaction.
To broaden our product offering.
To find ways to be leaner (companies can shed pounds too!)
To find a new market niche.
To expand our geographic scope.
To focus on employee retention and productivity.
To just weather the storm and come out of this recession relatively unscarred.

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Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door

We’ve been doing The Talk for a couple of years now, and what I’m really loving about the feedback lately is that on the topics to which we cycle around to annually, we’re starting to paint a year-to-year picture of the industry’s mood. So while there’s a lot going on right now—not the least of which is the status of the health care reform bills and the newly-implemented lead paint rules (see below)—I was taking a peek at our poll from the first week in January in the past and I just couldn’t resist.

What’s your business’s New Year’s resolution? C’mon…fess up.

Two years ago, more than 30 percent of participants aimed to just make it out of the year alive and kicking. Last year wasn’t much better than 2008 so I wouldn’t have expected 2009’s resolutions to be particularly cheery either.

But what about 2010? Some folks are feeling more upbeat, so perhaps your company’s resolution is less about survival and more about expansion? Please send me an email and let me know what your business resolutions—or if you prefer the word goals instead—are and how do you think you’ll fare in accomplishing them? What is it that you’ve been meaning to tackle for some time, but perhaps the economy threw a damp towel on your plans?


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"Are You Ready for Lead?"

If you're not, you're definitely not alone...read more

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