January 13, 2010 | Vol 5, Num 2
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Road to Recovery Begins in 2010

Everyone is cautious, but there are traces of optimism in the window and door market. While most industry representatives expect a challenging start...read more

Builders' Show Looks to Recover Also

With the housing market expected to begin a tepid recovery in 2010, exhibitors and attendees alike will be looking for signs of life next week at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas...read more

EPA Sends Out Alert that Deadline for New Lead Rules is Approaching
The Environmental Protection Agency sent out an alert yesterday announcing that only 100 days remain until contractors will be required to be trained, certified, and otherwise comply with its Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) regulation...read more

BMHC Emerges from Bankruptcy as BMC Select

Building Materials Holding Corp., the provider of building materials and construction services to home builders and contractors, has completed its financial restructuring...read more

WPCs Poised for Growth in Window and Door Market

Manufacturers and extruders are exploring new framing material options ...read more

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The Talk...

With the new Energy Star criteria in effect, my company is:
100 percent changed over.
still in process, but we'll be ready by end of transition period.
probably not going to be ready by the transition deadline.
not planning to carry the new label.

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John Swanson, editor/associate publisher of Window & Door

There's still a transitional phase to go through, but with the new year, new criteria for Energy Star windows, doors and skylights quietly went into effect last week. A lot of companies, no doubt, have invested a lot of time and money into making sure their products could carry the new label.  There's probably still work being done too.

For our poll question this week, I thought I'd see where the industry is at with the new criteria.  But I also wanted to hear from you.

Personally, I've been wondering, given the focus on the .30/.30 energy efficient tax credit criteria and now DOE efforts to increase demand for R-5 windows, is the Energy Star label almost in danger of becoming an afterhought?  I certainly haven't many press releases from manufacturers saying "Our products meet the new 2010 Energy Star criteria."

Is Energy Star taking a temporary backseat to tax credit requirements?  Does legislation tying tax credits to Energy Star have a chance? Is this just a temporary lull and will the EPA, which is taking control of the program from DOE, come roaring back with a new set of criteria? Where do you see Energy Star going?  Where do you think it should go?  Email me and share your thoughts.


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"My 2010 Resolution is..."

Our poll respondents may be "weathering the storm" but there are some positive thinkers out there too...read more

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