February 17, 2010 | Vol 5, Num 7
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AAMA Makes Progress on Green Program

Palm Desert, Calif.—After overcoming some obstacles, the American Architectural Manufacturers Manufacturers Association made further progress on its green and sustainability rating...read more

Glasslam FIles Complaint with FTC

Nebula Glass International Inc. d.b.a. Glasslam, Pompano Beach, Fla., has filed a formal complaint of anti-competitive and illegal practices...read more

Veka Names New President

Joe Peilert is joining Veka Inc. as president, succeeding Walter Stucky, president and CEO of the North American division of  Veka AG...read more

Simonton Promotes Window Tax Credits with H&R Block
Simonton Windows has teamed with H&R Block to offer up to $150 toward preparation of an individual’s 2010 personal income tax return...read more

US LBM Adds Edward Hines Lumber

US LBM Holdings LLC has signed an agreement to acquire the operations of Chicago-area Edward Hines Lumber...read more

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My company is:
Actively involved in donating to Haiti.
Not involved as a company, but plenty of individuals are donating.
Still looking at options for Haitian donations.
Not likely to have any organized effort.

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Christina Lewellen, senior editor of Window & Door

I'm a mom, so there are moments that pop up from time to time, from which I have no choice but to accept that I'm getting older. One such case in point this past weekend: After watching the first few days of the Vancouver Olympics, my 6-year-old daughter was wandering around the house singing, "We Are The World."

She raised an eyebrow and told me I was "kind of old" when I explained that I was around for the original version, but in the next breath she turned serious and said, "Mom, are we doing enough to help Haiti?"

Hmmm. Good question, kiddo. Certainly, individuals are doing a lot to help. My daughter even made a donation at school to help. But I started digging around and a simple Google search of "business," "Haiti" and "donation" brings impressive headlines of companies of all sizes digging deep to contribute to the relief efforts as well.

Now I understand there's some controversy in all this and some legitimate questions about the ways in which we are approaching this heart-breaking disaster. But I'm curious to know if window and door companies have rallied their employees or dipped into the company coffers to send some monetary (or non-monetary) assistance to the devastated area? What are you doing to help Haiti? Send me an email to share your story.


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