January 19, 2011 | Vol 6, Num 3
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How does your company differentiate its product lines?
We have always emphasized performance and we still do.
We talk about performance, but style and design options play an increasingly important role.
We offer high performance, but emphasis has always been on style and design over performance numbers

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John Swanson, editor & associate publisher of Window & Door

Window and door manufacturers touted R-5 efficiency, HVHZ impact resistance and a host of other performance attributes at last week's International Builders' Show. Walking the floor and talking to exhibitors, however, I sensed an increasing emphasis on design issues. In talking to exhibitors, styles and colors seemed to trump Energy Star. I think I heard more people say things like "streamlined" and "sleek" more than I did "low maintenance."

I don't want to imply that all those performance features are decreasing in importance.  What I suspect might be happening, however, is fewer companies see performance numbers as a good way to differentiate themselves and/or their products.  Even claims about green and sustainability in various booths seemed less prevalant than at previous shows. Perhaps, again, it is because more companies see meeting such demands as part of the ante to compete, rather than a selling point in themselves.

Our poll question this week is designed to test my theory.  Is your company talking more about style and design? Do you see better potential for differentiating your company?  I'd like you to vote, but more importantly, let me hear from you. Email me or post a comment and let me know if the balance has changed in your product development and/or marketing efforts.



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