February 23, 2011 | Vol 6, Num 8
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Changes Planned for DOE Volume Purchase Program

Widely known as the "R-5 Windows" program, the Department of Energy is changing the name of the initiative to the High Performance Windows ...read more

AAMA Maintains Busy Agenda at Annual Meeting

Coronado, Calif.–The American Architectural Manufacturers Association honored key members at its 74th annual conference here this week. The meeting, which concludes today...read more

New Index Sees Remodeling Industry Growth

The residential remodeling market shows clear signs of recovery, with activity in most regions in 2010 returning to 2007 and early-2008 levels...read more

EPA Planning General Review of Regulations

In response to a January Executive Order issued by President Obama, the Environmental Protection Agency is inviting public input...read more

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Has your company taken steps to appeal to 30-and-under workers?
We're looking at some changes.

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John Swanson, editor & associate publisher of Window & Door

The up-and-coming workforce is digitally native, is bored easily, thinks globally, craves attention, acts socially and is work-ethic challenged. That, according to Eric Chester, a consultant focused on helping companies understand and getting the most out of "Generation Why" employees and keynote speaker at this week's AAMA conference.

Hiring new workers and developing new talent probably hasn't exactly been the top challenge window and door companies have faced over the past few years, but Chester suggests we'll have our work cut out for us as we start thinking about growing and expanding again. The Echo Boomers, Millenials, or the Net Generation–whatever you call them–think very differently than those of us from the Baby Boom and even Gen Xers. How companies select new employees and motivate them will be critical to success.  

Are you making adjustments? Has your company made changes in its policies and procedures to appeal to those 30 and under?  That's are poll question of the week, and, of course, I'd like to hear from you. Has your company had problems with its younger new hires?  Have you had successes? Is there a generational divide at your firm? Do you think are industry will have trouble attracting young talent? Post a comment below or email me.  We'd love to hear from you.


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"Will Penguin Story Have an Impact?"

Legal actions targeting aggressive sales tactics may change some companies marketing strategies...read more

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