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March 19, 2014
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The Talk

By Stacey Freed, editor

I recently read “How to Promote Your Blog Content: 40+ Experts Share Marketing Tips." A common theme among respondents regarding the success of a blog is the importance of relationship building. As social media expert Carol Lynne Rivera puts it, “[You] need to be involved in getting to know people–other bloggers and business people, commenters, subscribers, Twitter and Facebook, and even Pinterest connections. Everyone. When you build those relationships and when you share, promote and comment on other people’s work in a way that adds genuine value, then your presence will be known and appreciated and the sharing will be reciprocated.”

A quick glance at some of the top window and door manufacturers’ websites shows tabs for products, design ideas, case studies, and photos. Others highlight careers, charitable work and products. And many websites have a tab for media or news. But no blogs.

Not surprisingly, more dealers have blogs, like 2012 Window & Door Dealers of the Year Power Home Remodeling Group and Newman Windows & Doors. The closer a business is to the consumer, the more likely it is to reach out, create relationships, and offer tips and advice.

If you don’t have a blog, think long and hard before you engage. A blog is not an advertising vehicle, a place to tout your newest product. A blog is part of “social media,” with the emphasis on “social.” Blogs need tending.

If you’re stumped for how to get started, Melonie Dadoro, founder of TopDog Social Media, offers this suggestion: “Begin by surveying your audience. Ask them what is important to them. What do they need help with? What keeps them up at night?”

Remember that just as you want to offer value in your products, you want to impart value in the information you send out into the world.

Are you a manufacturer or a dealer who blogs? Do you have a way to measure the impact of your blogs? Do you think social media is important for your business? Let us know by participating in this week's poll and posting a comment.

Does your company have a regular blog?
No, its not something that were interested in
No, but were thinking of starting something
Yes, its important to us
Yes, but its not organized

Does Your Company Have a Standardized System in Place to Follow Up on Leads?
More than 70 percent of respondents to last week’s poll said their sales teams have systems in place to follow up on new leads, although the protocol often varies depending on the potential sale. See the full survey results…



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