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June 18, 2014
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Armaclad Windows & Doors Ceases Operations

Armaclad Windows & Doors, headquartered in Chicago, has closed its doors, according to a statement on its website. The manufacturer of vinyl and fiberglass windows and doors employed more than 125 people…read more

Seven Point Equity Partners Acquires RiteScreen

Seven Point Equity Partners, LLC, a leading investment firm in the building materials sector, has acquired The RiteScreen Co. from J.T. Walker Industries. RiteScreen will continue to be headquartered in Elizabethville, Pa., and the entire management team and organization will remain intact…read more



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Mike Schmitt Joins Cascade Windows
Thompson Creek Window CEO Wins Entrepreneur of the Year
The Talk

By Jim Snyder
Window types are often described by frame material first, and while no material can claim every advantage, each has it’s own strength and benefit. I guess that’s one way of saying there’s a good argument for every material, if it fits the application.

I’m reminded of a replacement installation a few years ago where the replacement product frame material was just what the client wanted, but made the full-frame installation extremely difficult. The 60-year-old house was originally built with steel casements that were replaced 40 years later with all-wood. Ultimately, 15 years after that, I had to replace those wood products with aluminum-clad wood. Each time there is a conversion, the difficulty increases.

The end result was great, but it took an extreme amount of preparation, skill and, frankly, creativity. The process could have been much simpler, and with an equally nice end-result using another frame material. In this case, the easiest route wasn’t the client’s preference and he was willing to pay for the additional effort.

This job was an exception. In most cases, frame product recommendation has a lot of influence and offering a variety of materials can capture more sales. At the same time, the ability to offer a variety of frame materials requires access to many resources.

As a dealer/contractor, what’s your approach? Please take a moment to take our survey, post a comment or contact me directly.

How many frame materials do you offer? This may be through more than one brand or through the same brand. Consider a combination frame (clad-wood, for example, as an additional material beyond all-wood).
Only one
Two or three
Four or more


Road to GlassBuilld

GlassBuild America has been making a lot of news over the last few weeks, and between the registration, travel, education and worldwide innovation, it can be a lot to take in. So if you missed any of the major happenings, we’ve got you covered! This week on the Road to GlassBuild, we gathered the information you need and loaded it into one easy post.

The Outside View
Builder Confidence Rises Four Points in June
So How Big is the Remodeling Market Anyway?
From The Huffington Post

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