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September 24, 2014
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The Talk

By Jim Snyder
As I explain in my most recent From the Field column, in new construction, a “rough opening” is specified via the called-out window size and then framed accordingly. For replacement, however, a rough opening that already exists is used to suggest a replacement product frame size. However, that’s not the only dimensional reference.

When measuring for full-frame replacement, we usually can’t see the rough opening. Through experience I’ve learned to deduce the rough opening dimensions without actually exposing it in most cases. Additionally, the rough opening is not my only dimensional reference for ordering. Depending on the application, I will likely also measure the exterior cladding opening and even the interior casing-to-casing dimensions and settle on a replacement window frame that I feel will best fit all, or at least most, of these parameters.

If I can’t fit all parameters with the replacement product, I usually prioritize each. For instance, if the exterior cladding is brick (on a wood frame structure), that is my first priority dimension. I will then consider the rough opening and the interior casing or returns as secondary, since both of those can be more easily modified than the brick. I also have to consider if the existing and replacement window has exterior casing or trim accessories. This prioritizing can change if the cladding is more forgiving, such as wood siding.

Ultimately, I’m considering what will result in the best appearance and performance with reasonable installation effort.

In this week’s poll, I ask for your full-frame measuring technique. Is it similar to mine? Or do you have a different approach? Take the poll, post a comment or send me a note at
When measuring for full-frame replacement, I consider:
Only one parameter and then order.
Two of these parameters and then order.
All three of these parameters and then order.
Jim, you’re doing it the hard way. I have a completely different technique.


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