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October 15, 2014
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Shipments of residential entry doors continue their upward trend, with the majority slotted for new construction applications, reports the Window & Door Manufacturers Association in its WDMA Entry Door Industry 2014 U.S. Market Report. See the statistics…
Adding TV Advertising to your Marketing Mix
TV advertising may be expensive and offer leads that are hard to track, but it still has its place in your marketing mix, particularly if you’re a larger company. Read more...


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The Talk

By Emily Kay Thompson
In a modern marketing space dominated by short attention spans and immediate gratification, the former king of the advertising castle—the TV commercial—has seemingly been overthrown by a younger, faster medium we all hail as the almighty Internet ad. Couple this transition with the advent of DVRs in the late ’90s and we get a good picture of the hurdles TV ads have been jumping for the last decade-plus. But, if TV advertising is truly out, then why do we still have so many commercials to fast-forward through during our favorite shows?

Whenever a new technology comes along, we tend to see the new as a replacement for the old. However, as we’ve all experienced time and again, the old and the new often coexist and complement each other. TV didn’t replace radio, but each evolved to serve a separate, if similar, purpose. Likewise, the Internet isn’t a substitute for television. The art of branding is about distinguishing the value of the different vehicles, and tailoring your message to that medium.   

In the latest edition of Strategy Session in the upcoming October/November issue of Window & Door, we had a conversation with a couple of dealers that run TV ad campaigns in local markets and are seeing success. Are there more of you out there? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject: Take this week’s poll, leave a comment, and/or send me an email.
Does Your Company Have a TV Advertising Campaign?
We'd love to, but don't have the budget.
What is the Most Important Aspect of Your Website?
In terms of establishing credibility, more than 30 percent of the respondents to last week's poll reported that personal testimonials were most important. See the full survey results...


The Outside View
The White House Doubles Down on Solar Power
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Can the Housing Market Recover?
From The Journal of Light Construction


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