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November 5, 2014
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Survey Deadline Approaching

Window & Door encourages readers to participate in its annual industry survey, which closes November 5 (today). Results from the survey will be published and analyzed in the January/February issue’s Industry Pulse report... Take the Survey

2014 Window and Door Shipments Slightly Lower than Anticipated

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association released the semi-annual WDMA 2014 Window & Entry Door Pulse Report, covering both U.S. construction and topline product shipment activity... Read More



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The Talk

By Emily Kay Thompson
At trade shows, exhibitors put their best foot forward, displaying the most glamorous options and premium products they have in their lines. Turns out, this isn’t just a wow factor or a foot-in-the-door tactic to lure attendees into their booths. These higher-end products are reportedly seeing an increase in demand, according to exhibitors at the recent AMD Annual Convention and The Remodeling Show. And, the manufacturers have the orders to prove it.

While commodity-type products still sustain a healthy portion of the market in multi-family properties, according to many of the exhibitors, the market is definitely trending toward upscale. And, on the highest end of that scale, custom-made products are also becoming a more realistic sale. More and more manufacturers seem to be adapting production to accommodate one-off orders.

Perhaps the popularity of custom windows and doors has something to do with the global trend of customization in retail—with websites that allow shoppers to create completely personalized T-shirts and phone covers. Or maybe the tendency toward high-end lines is a post-Recession reaction to homeowners finally having the confidence to spend again. Regardless of why, the upscale and custom trends can’t be bad for the industry.

Do your sales in high-end products echo what we’re hearing? Take this week’s poll, post a comment, and/or email me your thoughts.
Have You Seen an Increase in Sales/Demand for Custom and Higher-End Windows and Doors?
Yes, we sell more higher-end products than in past years.
Sales for our upscale product lines have stayed consistent over the years.
No, we have been selling fewer high-end and custom products.
Upscale and custom products have never been big sellers for our company.
How Do You Manage Yelp Reviews?
The majority of the respondents to last week’s poll reported that they want nothing to do with Yelp and think it treats businesses unfairly, and another 24.32 percent do not pay attention to their reviews because they don’t believe it affects their reputation. See the complete survey results...
The Outside View
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