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January 21, 2015
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2015 Codes to Require Storm Shelters

How would you react if you were asked to provide an emergency escape and rescue window that is impact resistant and can withstand 250 mph design wind speeds for a school in Oklahoma? Would you be surprised to receive such a request? With the advent of the 2015 International Codes this year, such a request might come up. Read more…


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Quanex Appoints Lunde to Territory Sales Manager
BHMA Publishes New ANSI/BHMA Standards
Maui Windows and Doors Hosts Grand Opening
Anlin Names BM Top Performer
Product Spotlight
Thermal Evolution Technology by Hope's Windows

Hope’s Thermal Evolution thermal-break technology helps hot-rolled, solid steel windows and doors to exceed energy efficiency standards. With significantly improved U-factors and condensation resistance, the technology achieves a thermal break for traditional steel windows and doors. Thermal Evolution technology employs fiberglass-reinforced polymer liners that are structurally bonded to fully welded, hot-rolled, solid steel profiles, and has been certified with a testing result from the National Fenestration Rating Council of 0.170 U-factor. Thermal Evolution technology accommodates true divided lite or simulated divided lite muntin systems.

The Talk

By Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing

“Mobile” is a word everyone knows, but it has a specific meaning regarding online marketing. But what exactly does mobile mean in this context and how can you optimize your website for mobile devices?

Responsive Design
Mobile refers to the way potential customers are receiving information online via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Not only did sales for this category go through the roof in 2014, but Google predicts that mobile searches will overtake desktop-based searches (84 billion) sometime in 2015.

This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a huge segment of potential customers. This is especially true in the window and door industry, as the potential customer base closely matches the demographics of those who own smartphones and tablets and use them daily.

When a website is optimized for mobile, it is just as user-friendly when viewed on a mobile device as it is when seen on a desktop or laptop computer. We call this responsive design.

Responsive design isn’t something that will be critical in the future—it’s critical right now. Your site must load quickly and be easy to navigate on mobile devices. If it isn’t, a mobile visitor will immediately “bounce” from your site and check out one of your competitors.

Mobile Marketing
The other aspect of mobile is mobile marketing, which is a massive subject, but, in general, refers to a variety of marketing techniques specific to mobile devices.

These techniques include text messages that target the phones of likely customers, location-based marketing that specifically targets people in particular areas, and mobile ads specifically designed to appeal to mobile users.

Mobile marketing makes it easy to target leads based on demographics such as location, age and income, which makes it a great tool for window and door businesses. It’s a good idea to start employing this tool for your business. At the very least, it’s imperative that you ensure your website is optimized for mobile right now.

How far along are you in the process of mobile marketing? How is it working for your company? Take this week's poll, post a comment and/or email me with your thoughts.

Does your company incorporate mobile technologies to attract customers?
Yes, and we’re happy with the results so far.
Yes, but we haven’t seen notable results yet.
No, but we’re interested in doing so.
No, and we’re unlikely to do so.

Is it clear, up front, who will take on the financial liability for incorrect orders? More than 70 percent of respondents to last week's poll report that most of the time, it is clear which party will take on the liability for an order before beginning a job. See the complete survey results...

The Outside View
Replacing Entry Doors Ranks Tops for Best Home Improvement Investment
From Market Watch
Residential Remodeling Market Set For Modest Growth in 2015
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