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February 4, 2015
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Energy Star Education

As of January 1, 2015, manufacturers must use the v6.0 product specification when labeling products for the North-Central, South-Central, and/or Southern Climate Zones. Manufacturers may continue to use the v5.0 product specification for the Northern Zone until January 1, 2016. For dealers, the education of their sales teams—and customers—will be crucial to a successful transition. Read more…


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Product Spotlight
Sill Pans by GPI Millworks
GPI offers solutions to door threshold and window water leakage: a level and sloped sill pan. Made from high weather-resistant PVC, they can be cut to the threshold opening and completed with butyl adhesive end caps. These patent pending designs incorporate a flat base to aid in installation and improve water drainage away from the opening.
The Talk

By Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing

Improving the page-load time on your website might not sound like the most exciting tool in your window and door marketing game plan. However, a fast-loading site is one of the greatest advantages you can have over your competitors.

According to surveys by industry experts Akamai and, almost half of Internet users expect a site to load in two seconds or less, and they’re likely to immediately leave a site that hasn’t loaded within three seconds.

Additionally, four out of five shoppers who have trouble with website performance say they won’t return to that site to purchase again. Google now ranks fast-loading sites higher in searches and penalizes sites that load slowly, so load speed is just as critical for SEO as it is for conversions.

Improve Load Times
To determine how quickly your pages load, do a speed test on your site. If the response is sluggish, get with your webmaster and/or designer to redesign the site for more speed. Some small changes can go a long way in improving performance.

For example, while one of the best ways to generate conversions among potential customers is to have plenty of images and videos, they can also weigh down your site and slow page-load time. This is especially true if they’re not incorporated correctly.

Some other concepts you should mention to your designer:
  • GZIP compression: This can reduce file size up to 70 percent without degrading the quality of images or videos.
  • Image optimization: Graphics programs such as Photoshop can drastically reduce image size with little reduction in quality.
  • Using cache plugins: These cache the latest version of your pages, ensuring your browser doesn’t have to dynamically generate a page every time.
  • Redirect overload: A 301 redirect transfers the visitor to another page on your site, and it’s usually a good thing for SEO. However, too many 301 redirects can slow down the site, hurting SEO and conversions.

While these aspects are pretty technical, they should provide some language you can use with your web designer. The bottom line is that it’s crucial to understand that load speed is critical to both SEO and conversions, so be sure your site isn’t falling behind.

Have you given much thought to your website's page-load speed? Weigh in on this week's poll, post a comment, and/or email me with comments.

Have you tested your website's page load time?
Iíve tested the load speed on my site, and itís performing well.
Iíve tested the load speed on my site, and it needs improvement.
I have no idea how fast my site loads, but plan to test it ASAP.
I have no idea how fast my site loads, and donít consider it a priority.

Are You Marketing to Millennials? According to the results from last week’s poll, the majority of respondents are at least thinking about marketing to millennials, while more than 30 percent aren’t thinking about it much, if at all. See the full results…

The Outside View
EPA Announces Revisions to Lead Paint Programs
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