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May 27, 2015
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The Latest
Navigating the Multi-Panel Door Market

The concept of bringing the outside in is nothing new to the industry. But, the trend hasn’t yet permeated all levels of the general public, as traditionally it has only been financially accessible primarily to higher-end homeowners. That fact seems to be changing. Read More


More News
Residential Window, Entry Door Shipments Increased in 2014, WDMA Study Says
Pleotint, Sun Valley Skylights Partner
Sunview 2900 Series Patio Door Awarded Energy Star Rating
Product Spotlight
DAPA Products Inc.

DAPA Products Inc. introduces DAPA Foam Ribbed Spline, which is designed to replace other ribbed spline products. It is an alternative for those who prefer a ribbed type product. DAPA Foam Ribbed Spline rolls and corners easily making it user friendly, according to the company, which says it is more environmentally friendly, maintains its pliability in colder climates, is lighter weight, does not become brittle over time, and requires no stretching or pulling to roll in frames.

The Talk

By Vince DiCecco
People make their buying decisions based on emotion, especially when it comes to purchases for the home. One of the most effective ways to close a sale and ensure a happy customer is to find out what is most important to those doing the buying and sell to that need in a way that makes it a pleasurable experience. Want to be thought of as “a joy” to do business with? Here are three ways:
Be different than the norm. Find your unique value proposition—that one thing that you’ve mastered and that your competition doesn’t know how to do, doesn’t think to do, or isn’t willing to do. Most businesses have policies and practices that are written more for the company’s convenience than their clientele’s. Review your policies (such as, returns and warranties) and get rid of or revise any that don’t really serve or make sense to the buyer. 
Be genuine. Be authentic and express yourself in a down-to-earth, unscripted voice. If you come across as a dull, faceless company, you’ll simply turn people off and have them think you really don’t care. Boost your popularity by communicating with passion, sharing your stories, and getting personal. Also, the marketplace is swamped with free consultations, estimates and other “goodies.” So, if you want to stand out, even your free offers—i.e. low cost to you, high value to them—must be remarkable and memorable.
Be open to suggestions and customize the order. Seek feedback with “voice of the customer” surveys. Do the market research that your competitors won’t. Keep your finger on the pulse of what your target niche is looking for. You may not be able to accommodate every request or idea. But, if you are open-minded, assure people that they’ve been heard and taken seriously, and are generally “there for them,” they will remember how special you made them feel and how enjoyable it was to do business with you. Use case studies to your advantage. Real-world stories give examples—and proof—of your work and demonstrate the pleasure others have felt. 
Have you put any thought into how convenient it is to do business with your company? What policies do you have in play that you get positive feedback about? Do you seek insight from customers about their perspective of doing business with your company? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post a comment with your experiences, and/or send an email with your comments.
How do you get feedback from customers on their buying experience?
We ask every customer to fill out a survey on the sales process, which management then reviews.
We ask customers to fill out a general survey on the entire process, including install.
We have a customer service team call to follow up with customers and pass notes along to management.
We don't do anything to follow up.
We do something besides surveys and follow-up calls (please post details in the comment section).

Have you Considered Expanding your Target Market for Impact Glass/Hurricane-Rated Products?
More than 40 percent of the respondents to last week’s poll report that selling impact glass isn’t a good fit for their business plan, while 16 percent say they will think about expanding their market for this type of product. See the Full Results

The Outside View
Housing Recovery Continues At Gradual Pace


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