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July 8, 2015
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Key Measures for Marketing Efforts

What gets measured gets done. Tracking results is the essential starting point for any kind of performance management, including that for an online marketing campaign. In that regard, there are several ways to analyze key performance indicators, including Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, as well as call tracking software. Read More


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Product Spotlight
Brio USA Inc.

Brio designed its new 286 Dual Point Lock to enhance wood and aluminum folding panels by offering a single action lock as a stylish alternative to flush bolts, company officials report. The lock accommodates 1 ¾-inch and 2 ¼-inch panels. The door lock fully integrates with Brio’s Weatherfold 4s with fixing hinge points and can also be used with single hinged panels. 180-degree operation of the lever delivers the strength security of a 1-inch throw into the head and sill simultaneously for panels up to 11-feet high. Available finishes include brushed stainless and PVD black.


The Talk

By Welton Hong, Ring Ring Marketing

While some forms of online advertising such as pay-per-click ads can provide a quick return on investment, most people still choose local businesses through good, old-fashioned search results. And, they do so particularly on Google, which commands about 75 percent of the market.

Thus, keeping your site near the top of local search engine results pages (SERPs) is key to being a leader in your particular locale. A recent study showed that the top five organic results produced 67 percent of the overall clicks (searchers clicking through to a site).

Some key factors for local search rankings haven’t changed too much in recent years. But, the landscape is always changing, mostly because Google constantly tweaks its search result algorithms.

Here are three big-picture elements that can help your business to appear in the top five results for searches in your geographic area:

1. Include Location in the Home Page Title Tag

The title tag is a specific bit of code that plays a big role in how Google interprets your website. If you had a window and door business in Nova Scotia, for example, you would want to ensure that “Nova Scotia window and door” appeared in the title tag.

2. Develop Original, Relevant, Quality Content

Google wants sites to develop their own content and for that content to be both highly relevant to the searcher and of high quality. That’s the linchpin of all its algorithm tweaks. Fill your site with content that’s relevant to people who purchase window and door products and services. The best-performing content is well written, exclusive to your site and information-focused.

3. Ensure the Quality and Authority of Inbound Links

Google rewards websites for having inbound links from sites it considers to have high authority levels and strong relevance to the service you’re providing. Focus on quality over quantity here—a few great links are much more powerful than dozens of low-quality ones. Both the industry (windows and doors) and the geography (where you’re located) factor into how Google ranks your site.

Long story short: you need your site to be in the top five results for your industry in your geographic area. Take the necessary steps to get there.

How often do you make improvements to your business website? Answer the poll, leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject, and/or email to discuss.

How often do you make improvements to your business website?
I regularly make improvements to my business website to improve or maintain its local search ranking
I've rarely made changes to my site, although I'd like it to rank better
I'm not concerned with improving or maintaining my site's ranking
What's a website?

Do Your Customers Understand Industry Performance Ratings? 
Nearly 60 percent of respondents say “yes,” they take the time to explain performance ratings to customers. Read the Full Results

The Outside View
Employers Could Face Health Care Reimbursement Penalty Beginning July 1
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