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March 30, 2016
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Interruption in the Cycle

State and local jurisdiction adoption and enforcement of the 2015 International Building Code, 2015 International Residential Code and 2015 International Energy Conservation Code continues to grow. As code development activities begin to build steam in 2016, the ICC finds itself in a rather unique situation. Read More

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Product Spotlight
The New TigerSaw 2000 - A Complete Automated Saw Station for Aluminum

The New TigerSaw 2000 – A Complete Automated Saw Station for Aluminum – features an Adjustable Cutting Envelope with best-in-class capacity, a patent-pending blade Lube-mist System for longer blade life and better cut quality and Adjustable Pneumatic Clamping that won’t damage fragile or odd-profile material. Easy to install and maintain. Learn more about the new TigerSaw 2000 - a non-ferrous, highly customizable sawing solution.

The Talk

By Tim Clark

Homeowners typically start the sales process by researching products, services and companies online. You can take advantage of this and reach such homeowners by posting educational material that answers their questions. This is known as content marketing. It comes in the form of email newsletters, flyers, project photos or videos, website articles, how-to guides and blog posts.

Whether you create it in-house or hire a marketing company, effective content builds awareness of your business, presents you as an industry expert, generates leads and sales, and optimizes your website. Here are eight tips that will help ensure the content is effective, reaches the intended audience and leads to sales:

1. All materials need to be captivating, educational and entertaining.
2. Content should contain calls to action and have practical value—for example, provide information on how homeowners can lower their energy bill in an email newsletter.
3. To stay relevant, avoid using information that is trendy or outdated. Post timeless information.
4. Recycle content into different formats. If you write a blog post on how to improve home value, shoot a video version of the blog post and post it to YouTube.
5. To ensure the content can easily be found, embed video on your website and in email newsletters, but also on YouTube and the company Facebook page.
6. Make sure all content is responsive to all forms of technology. Customers should be able to read your blog post, video, or PDF article on a small screen. A webmaster can help with this.
7. Target content to specific potential clients—write an article on how homeowners can get more money from their insurance company, for example, to distribute after a big storm.
8. Track how well a piece of content performed and focus attention on what works.

Creating and distributing marketing content is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. But it also works well as long as the content is effective.

Do you use content marketing to boost your business? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post your thoughts in the comments section and/or send an email with your feedback.

Do you use content marketing to boost your business?
Yes, and it works well.
Yes, but we haven't had many leads from it.
No, but we want to get started.
No, and we aren't interested in trying it.

Do you see the trend towards automation in products and equipment growing in the U.S.?
More than seventy percent of the respondents to last week's poll reported that they see automation on the rise in the U.S. Read the Full Results

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