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July 20, 2016
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Automation in Fenestration
There are a handful of manufacturers pioneering the automation landscape in windows. Though it’s been seemingly on the horizon for quite some time, the technology is starting to come into its own. Take a look at what automated technology brings to windows, especially as it relates to safety, security and even energy efficiency. Read More

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Product Spotlight
HMCST2 Hot Melt Clamp Sealing Table by C.R. Laurence
C.R. Laurence’s Machinery Division upgraded its HMCST2 Hot Melt Clamp Sealing Table, which is designed to help door and window fabricators safely and efficiently seal insulating glass units. The new HMCST2 features heavy-duty tubular steel construction and an 84 inch by 84 inch ball caster table with a pair of padded clamping rails. The table’s 2-inch diameter ball casters are spaced 6 inches apart from each other. The clamping rails are operated using a pneumatic foot pedal. The HMCST2 requires a compressed air supply capable of delivering 1 CFM at 50 psi.
The Talk

By Todd Bairstow, Keyword Connects

We all know that social media is massively popular, but is it the best marketing option for your business? Do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat users browse window and door options when on their social media site of choice?

For many years, getting likes and shares and adding friends or followers to your company’s social media pages was a popular tactic. But getting homeowners to connect with contractors online is much harder than most can imagine. It requires time, effort and persistence—and still, these rarely result in trackable return on investment. This goes for Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram as well. Twitter has yet to prove to be an effective advertising vehicle. Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram are in their infancy when it comes to helping local businesses to advertise.

Plus, part of the reason social media attracts such a large audience is because the users are in control of their online experiences, which is a strike against those using it with commercial intent. Your marketing territory also dramatically limits your target audience. While Facebook has a billion users, only 25,000 may be in your territory.

Perhaps what dealers should be asking is not how do I advertise on Facebook, but how do I reach my specific audience online, instead.

It’s true that social media does play into search engine optimization. If you have a strong social media presence, it may well help your organic ranking—which helps to generate more leads. Still, search engines consider reviews from third parties to be even more valuable. So, the more reviews you have on Yelp and Google, the more credit your site receives, and this value can lead to higher search rankings and more prospects.

Where do you concentrate your efforts online? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post a comment and/or send an email with your thoughts.

How successful do you consider your social media efforts to have been when it comes to lead generation?
Super - we're driving a ton of leads
Average - it's worth the effort we put into it
Mediocre - we've had limited or aren't sure of results
Yuck - it hasn't worked at all

Does Your Company Utilize Digital Resources in Its Showroom? 
Twenty percent of the respondents to last week’s poll say "yes." Read the Full Results


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