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September 7, 2016
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Due Diligence
There are certain situations that arise in the process of designing and fabricating windows and doors that call for due diligence. In order to have confidence in what you will get out of your products, it’s important to make an extra effort to develop the basis of selecting components for the design, material and fabrication of product. If you do the work right in the beginning in this regard, it will benefit your company in the end. Read More
NGA\WDDA Announce Express Learning Topics and Schedule for GlassBuild America
Kömmerling Brings Super-size Lift and Slide Door to GlassBuild
Jeld-Wen Acquires Australian Window Manufacturer
Cardinal IG to Build Manufacturing Facility in Arizona
American Renolit Moves to Larger Facility
Entry Door Shipments Forecasted to Decrease in 2016
Product Spotlight
Ultimate Glider Window from Marvin Windows and Doors
Marvin Windows and Doors offers its Ultimate Glider window in a new configuration and with additional enhancements. The window was reengineered for more design flexibility with a new OXXO configuration, where fixed sashes on either side of the unit flank the two center sashes, which slide to each side for an unobstructed opening. The Clad Ultimate OXXO Glider is ideal for pass-through applications, according to the company. It features a concealed multi-point lock and an auto-lock system, and the sashes can be removed for easy cleaning. Its handle set is placed low on the window for universal design applications. The Clad Ultimate OXXO Glider is available in sizes up to 14 feet by 6 feet and offers an LC-PG 35 performance rating.
The Talk

By Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Editor’s Note: Marcus Sheridan, “The Sales Lion,” is One of Inc. Magazine's 25 Top Social Media Speakers and will present the keynote address at this year’s Window & Door Dealer Days event, held at GlassBuild America. Sheridan will provide Dealer Days attendees with actionable ideas to grow their own businesses during his keynote on October 19 at 10:30 a.m. For more on the event, click here.

At its core, content marketing is really about telling stories, answering questions and making calls-to-action. To that end, there are some irrefutable laws of content marketing that, if put into practice, can create content that will outlive the internet. Here are points to consider about how to cultivate good content and ways to deliver your message.

Cultivate Content

  • People will remember stories over facts any day of the week.
  • Great listeners never run out of content.
  • The goal is to be helpful, not to appear intelligent.
  • Consumers see the world in terms of their problems, not your company’s products or features. They ask, you answer.
  • Enthusiasm and passion always beat dry and boring. Useful will always beat amazing.
  • Great content marketing companies don’t allow their competition to dictate what they do and do not write about. Their sole guiding light is the ideal customer—no one else.

Deliver the Message

  • People have different learning styles. Some want to read text, others want to watch video, and some learn by listening. Great content marketing companies don’t fight this, they embrace it.
  • When you ask people to do something (i.e. via calls-to-action), they’re more inclined to do it.
  • Insourcing content almost always beats outsourcing in terms of results.
  • Some “just okay” content that is published will always crush “awesome” content that never gets published.
  • The more red tape, lawyers and bottlenecks a company has, the more they stink at content marketing.
  • Not all questions have a direct answer. Great content marketers understand how to explain the magic words “it depends.”

All this marketing stuff we talk about is essentially the act of listening, communicating and teaching. The rest is just fancy words. How effective is your company in these terms? Do your messages resonate with your audience? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post a comment and/or email your thoughts on the subject.

Does your company invest time, talent and resources into any form of content marketing?

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