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October 5, 2016
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Designing a Dream Showroom
Even in the digital age, there is no substitute for a brick-and-mortar showroom. But how does one design a window and door showroom that compels customers to explore? There are three key elements in any dream showroom—look, flow and function. These three elements work together to attract and retain valuable customers. Read More

House Votes to Delay Overtime Pay Rule
Vitro Completes Acquisition of PPG's Flat Glass Business, Invests in Jumbo MSVD Coater
Madico Inc. Partners With SerraLux
St. Cloud Window Inc. Hires Marketing Manager
Product Spotlight
LaCantina Doors Puts a New Spin on Vinyl
LaCantina’s new vinyl folding system brings high-quality contemporary styling to the vinyl door market. Designed to appeal to the needs of a broader market, LaCantina’s vinyl system performs well in all environments, matches popular vinyl window packages and is the ideal solution for home renovations and new construction.
Featuring contemporary styling, a narrow 2 15/16” stile and rail profile, exclusive new hardware package and standard dual-glazed Lo-E glass, LaCantina Vinyl is available in standard and custom sizes up to 8’ tall and 18’ wide. Read More
The Talk

By Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Editor’s Note: Marcus Sheridan, “The Sales Lion,” is One of Inc. Magazine's 25 Top Social Media Speakers and will present the keynote address at this year’s Window & Door Dealer Days event, held at GlassBuild America. Sheridan will provide Dealer Days attendees with actionable ideas to grow their own businesses during his keynote on October 19 at 10:30 a.m. For more on the event, click here.

Though we previously covered points to consider about how to cultivate good content and ways to deliver your message, there are other irrefutable laws of content marketing that are equally important. Use the following principles to establish authority and continuously improve the content you create as part of your marketing program.

Establish Authority

  • The best teachers stand to gain the most trust and respect from their audience.

  • If you’re biased in the way you communicate, you won’t earn trust.

  • Every industry is looking for leaders. Leaders sell more stuff.

  • Industry thought leaders put their opinions out there and are strong enough to take it from both sides.

  • Great companies don’t care that others have addressed subjects. They want potential/current customers to know their doctrine on the subject.

  • Honest, transparent content will always be the minority—making it one of the most powerful trust-building methods in the world.

  • If you try to sound smart, you’ll look stupid.

Keep Getting Better

  • Content marketing success is a journey, not a destination.

  • Improvement is more important than perfection.

  • You have to produce average content to learn how to produce great content.

  • The best content marketers embrace who they are not just as much as they embrace who they are.

  • The greatest content marketers have a keen ability to think exactly as a consumer.

  • Amazing stories pertaining to our industry are all around us; learn to see them unfold.

If top-to-bottom buy-in for content marketing doesn’t exist within an organization, the chance for failure is very high. This is why content marketing as a culture will always beat content marketing as a program. While the different platforms for your message come and go, these and the previously covered principles never die.

Does your company have complete buy-in to its content marketing program? Weigh in on this week’s poll, post a comment and/or send an email with your thoughts.

Would you say your company has a 'content culture' regarding its marketing program?
From top to bottom
Most team members are on board
We have a way to go
We don't care about content marketing

Has Your Company Explored Any Alternatives to Traditional Funding?
Fifty percent of the respondents to last week’s poll said they don't need alternative funding. See the Full Results

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