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January 25, 2017
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International Code Requirements Update

The family of International Codes published by the International Code Council is the most widely used in the history of U.S. construction codes. The following is intended as a summary of the major requirements set forth by the I-codes for windows, doors, skylights and other fenestration products in single family homes, duplexes and townhouses that are four stories or less in height. Read More

Last Call for Top 100 Entries 
Today is the deadline for manufacturers to submit information in order to be considered for Window & Door’s annual Top 100 Manufacturers Report. Submit Information Today  

Press Opportunity: Manufacturing Technology Showcase
Suppliers are encouraged to submit product information on their latest equipment and software for the manufacture of residential windows and doors. A special product showcase will run in the March/April issue of Window & Door. Equipment Suppliers Click Here; Software Suppliers Click Here


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Product Spotlight
When to Automate ebook by TigerStop

When is the Right Time to Automate Your Shop? If you’re thinking of automating some of your processes, you might not know where to start. Check out our FREE booklet on automation for the small shop! It’s in a simple, easy to follow format and will help you determine what processes you can automate, whether it’s worth automating, and how to calculate savings from automating. Download the free booklet now and evaluate for yourself.

The Talk

By Brian Waldman, Renoviso Inc.

Like many specialty retailers, we have great relationships with several fine window manufacturers who care about their reputation and have taken steps to support great products. Several are the most important partners we have in our business.

Of course, we are always looking at options and are approached by companies who want our business. We take these opportunities to meet new folks, too, and learn about the industry—always a worthwhile expenditure of time.

Sometimes, though, I feel these folks don’t know what is important to window and door dealers. They talk about their window’s special features or how it can save us a little money. But, at least from where I sit, it’s not all about the product. In fact, focusing on value beyond the actual product helps companies like ours do our jobs better and, therefore, sell more.

For one, logistics matter—a lot. Not all of us own warehouses and, therefore, local distribution is critical. Manufacturers that can handle jobsite delivery solve one of our biggest challenges.

Also, local service and product support is required. Dealers want manufacturers with the infrastructure to support our customers when problems arise.

It takes a lot of time to get up to speed on a product line. For dealers to switch or add lines, we need access to information, transparent pricing and great images.

It’s important for manufacturers to be aligned with the industry trends dealers see. Manufacturers who understand and communicate their potential value proposition and align their capabilities with where the industry is going are great partners for specialty retailers.

What do you think is the most important aspect of the dealer/manufacturer partnership? Manufacturers, do you agree with and deliver on these points? Dealers, where do you feel most supported and where is there room for improvement? Take this week’s poll, post a comment or email your thoughts.

What do you find to be the most important aspect of the dealer/manufacturer relationship?
Local service/product support
Product line information and pricing
High quality photos and images
Other (post in comments)
Is Your Domain Name Effective?
Over 80 percent of respondents to last week's poll say they're happy with their current domain name. Read the Full Results
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