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July 19, 2017
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From Window & Door Magazine
Changes to Design Wind Pressures in the 2018 IRC

The content of the 2018 International Building Code and 2018 International Residential Code has been finalized. Perhaps the most significant change in the 2018 I-codes for fenestration products will be the update of American Society of Civil Engineers 7. Read More

More News
2017 GlassBuild America Trade Show Floor is Largest in Recent History
All Industry Segments Show Continued Growth, WDMA Study Says
Remodeler Confidence Persists, Houzz Barometer Finds
Crystal Pacific Windows Names New President of Operations
Milligan and Gogolewski Join RiteScreen as Directors of Sales
Product Spotlight
LaCantina Doors Offers the Perfect Match

LaCantina understands the importance of balance & symmetry when designing open space products. The trend towards indoor outdoor living and the products that create larger openings have become a focal point in home design. Typically different openings require different product types and these varying product types often fall side by side, unfavorably accentuating their differences and making it difficult to provide balance and symmetry from one opening to the next---until now. By utilizing the same signature narrow door panels across their Folding, Sliding and Swing systems, LaCantina is able to achieve consistent sightlines and daylight openings for the complete and perfectly matching door package.

To learn more, visit

The Talk

By Don Battista
With do-not-call and anti-spam laws in effect, it has become difficult for companies to run direct marketing campaigns to reach potential customers. Many industries, including replacement windows and home improvements, are reverting to door-to-door sales using modern technologies and putting salespeople back on the street to showcase their products or services. Following are 10 best practices to improve door-to-door effectiveness. Read More

Monthly Poll Results

IoT and Industry 4.0: The Next Wave
Our most recent poll asked whether readers utilize any elements of the Internet of Things in their work in the window and door industry. The results are divided almost equally, with 51 percent responding that they do utilize IoT, and 49 percent responding that they don’t. 

The September issue of Window & Door magazine will explore the topic of the Internet of Things, how it relates to the fenestration industry, what other fenestration professionals have to say about the next wave of technology, and some of the advantages and challenges that companies can anticipate. 

Monthly Reader Poll

Energy-efficient Technology
Window and door manufacturers, suppliers and dealers use a variety of energy-efficient, sustainable or green technologies, methods or products for their work, and they do so for a number of reasons. The October issue of Window & Door magazine will explore this topic and how it relates to the fenestration industry. As part of that coverage, we want to hear from you. 

Do you utilize any sustainable or green technologies, methods or products for your work in the window and door industry? Weigh in on this month’s poll, post a comment and/or send an email with your thoughts. 
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