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August 1, 2018
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Keeping Customers at the Center of the Sale
Customers today are more savvy than ever. Long before they’ve reached you, they have read reviews, talked to friends and neighbors, perused design-inspiration websites and searched the internet for brand data. In an era where endless information is at customers’ fingertips, how do you stand out? Read More
Workforce Development Series: Share your story
The next installment of Window & Door's Workforce Development series will cover using headhunters and recruiters to find employees, the complexities of non-competes and the sensitive subject of poaching. If you have a story to tell, or helpful resolutions to share, please email Bethany Stough, managing editor, at As we recognize the sensitivity of this subject matter, all industry names and companies will be kept anonymous. Email our Editors
More News
New Research: Global Window and Door Markets to Hit $260 Billion by 2024
GED Focuses on Automation, Robotics, Software for GlassBuild America 2018
Continental Debuts New Coating at GlassBuild America
Glass Dynamics Rebrands as Press Glass Inc.
Product Spotlight
VarioFit Window Handles by Hoppe

Hoppe introduces VarioFit window handles with a self-adjusting spindle that adapts to the depth of individual window profiles. This self-adjustment is achieved by an integrated spring inside the window handle assembly. VarioFit is available for a number of different window profile systems including aluminum, wood and PVC.

The Talk

By Paul Gary

In his book “When,” Daniel Pink discusses the importance of timing events from the matter of their substance, or the what. Whether the timing is good or bad depends on one’s awareness of the current surroundings, and on a perspective gleaned from experience and instigated by an instinct for future risk. That’s it—easy.

From this perch, let’s come down and apply some of this to the daily choices being made in business. For the sake of role playing, let’s take on the perspective of service representatives that are dealing with customer requests (demands) in the context of warranty claims.

Service reps need a keen awareness of the overall situation expressed by factual surroundings. On behalf of the company, they interface live with individual consumers who invariably have a vigorous view of their entitlement. These consumers present a countless number of factual—and sometimes fanciful—supporting arguments. Yet, the claims are evaluated and administered one-by-one, case-by-case.

Ultimately, the unspoken goal for both company and caller is resolution, i.e. to be done. So, even if the customer request is declined, providing the nature and reasoning behind the resolution can leave the caller satisfied that they were treated fairly. Each customer call is an opportunity for a positive resolution. Read More

Monthly Reader Poll

Monthly Poll: Poaching 

With the labor market as competitive as we’ve seen since the bubble, we’re hearing more and more chatter about the practice of poaching to fill all kinds of positions, from the executive-level and sales ranks to the factory floor workers and in-the-field installers. Window & Door will take a look into this controversial reality and its effects on the fenestration industry in an upcoming issue. We want to hear from those that have been affected—for better or worse—by aggressive recruiting and poaching. Weigh in on this month’s poll and email us with your thoughts on the subject. 

Has your company been on the bitter end of an employee-poaching situation? 

Has your company been on the bitter end of an employee-poaching situation?




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