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February 27, 2019
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The Latest
Inviting OSHA to the Safety Team

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is often considered to be the police of workplace safety. OSHA sets rules and regulations, performs audits, issues fines and more, all in an effort to create safer workplaces. However, two OSHA recognition programs offer an opportunity for companies to bring in the Administration as a safety coach and team member, rather than just as a rule creator and enforcer. Read More

Top 100 Manufacturers: Submit your Information
Window & Door is currently collecting information for the 2019 Top 100 Manufacturers List. In order to be included, manufacturers must submit a survey by Friday, March 15. Fill Out the Survey 
More News
Design & Construction Week Attracted more than 100,000 Attendees
Gradual Upward Spend in Residential Remodeling Continues
Lower Interest Rates, Rising Consumer Confidence Drive HMI Gains
Masonite to Close Largo, Florida, Factory
Deceuninck North America Revenue Climbs in 2018
AGC Employee Awarded Jim Colbridge Memorial Technical Scholarship
Product Spotlight
Geon™ Bold Alloys from PolyOne

Interested in dark, weatherable vinyl? Check out a sample of Geon Bold Alloys, made using cool pigment technology. Geon Bold brings together superior weathering performance with excellent color hold, even in the darkest shades, while helping to keep surfaces cool.  It’s made to last in exterior window and door applications with a look that resembles expertly stained wood or painted metal. Request your sample today!

The Talk

Laurie Cowin

Growing up, one of my favorite rooms in our house was our back “blue room,” which had one huge picture window with two casement windows on either side. They encompassed nearly the entire wall. We had a perfect view of our backyard and at Christmastime we displayed our tree in front of the window so the few people who traveled down the back alley could see the lights and (mostly homemade) ornaments of my childhood. 

Fast forward several decades and I live in a country home with plenty of windows so I can always see outside and each room is bathed in natural light, which makes my home a happier, brighter place. My fondness for feeling like I’m outside even when I’m inside, however, spans far beyond personal preference. It’s now one of the hottest trends overtaking the fenestration industry.

Last week, the Window & Door and Window and Door Dealers Alliance team traveled to Las Vegas for the 75th annual International Builders’ Show, part of the annual Design & Construction Week, which, this year, drew more than 100,000 attendees.

Two days of walking the show floor and meeting with exhibitors kept reinforcing the melding of indoor and outdoor living. No longer content to just have great indoor spaces and great outdoor spaces, homeowners are demanding areas in which the two seamlessly transition and where the outdoors still feels accessible even if they’re inside. So, what does this mean for window and door manufacturers? Minimal sightlines, large folding door systems, huge glass panes for expansive views and retractable screens that don’t interfere with the views. Read More 








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