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April 17, 2019
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6 Keys to Digital Marketing

Because roughly 50 percent of window and door inquiries start online, according to a Modernize study, digital strategies can produce the most measurable marketing results for the lowest cost. Studies, however, show the home improvement industry lags behind other industries in digital marketing. Window and door dealers can recognize vast improvements in marketing results by following these five steps and pairing them with the proper follow up. Read More


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The Talk

Eric Thompson

If you think back to the formative years of vinyl windows in the U.S., we had our share of performance challenges to overcome. Particularly in hot climates like Florida or Arizona, weathering and yellowing due to high temperatures and UV exposure were major issues that caused some significant degradation and product deformation. These issues put a stain on the industry, especially considering vinyl technology was just emerging. Property owners interested in using the new products had some serious reservations due to testimonials from those early adopters. 

It was not the window industry's finest moment; so why bring up this sour memory? We learned a lot about what it takes to make vinyl a viable choice for homeowners and building owners everywhere, with the material now able to offer superior durability, weathering and thermal performance in even some of the most challenging commercial applications. It was also around this time that a useful tool for ensuring product performance came into prominence: certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Read More 





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