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August 7, 2019
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Solutions in Action

The entire supply chain will converge under one roof at GlassBuild America in Atlanta to network, solve problems, discuss trends and improve the industry. Read More


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IGMA Forensic IGU Investigation Workshop Announced for GlassBuild America
MI Windows and Doors' Hegins Facility Earns VPP Star
Registration Opens for 2020 International Builders' Show
Product Spotlight
Trust Super Spacer® from Quanex

For 30 years, Super Spacer® from Quanex Building Products has delivered unmatched reliability and performance for thermally efficient windows and doors all over the world. In its 30th anniversary year, Super Spacer continues to offer beautiful sightlines, enhanced performance and superior compatibility with modern automated equipment for highly efficient fabrication and production. Trust Super Spacer to meet your toughest challenges with reliability, performance and unmatched support from the Quanex team. Learn more about Super Spacer at

The Talk

By Rich Harshaw

Rich Harshaw is the keynote speaker at this year’s Window & Door Dealer Day, held Monday, Sept. 16, in Atlanta. Click here to find out more about the event and to register. 

Prospective customers browse around from website to website just to see what’s available and what your competitors look like. When they find that your website—pretty as it may be—looks and feels essentially exactly like all the others, the prospect calls whichever one they happened to look at last. Or whichever one happened to seem best.

The problem is, your company is not exactly like competitors. You’re better than them. You do things differently. You work harder, pay more attention to details, have more experience, treat people better, warranty the work longer, and a dozen other points you can make that make you the best choice.

Your website’s job is to convince people that you are, in fact, the best choice. It should communicate your advantages in clear, compelling, passionate language. Don’t save “the good stuff” for the sales meeting—it might be too late. Put it all out there on your website. 

Give people enough information, enough evidence, and enough proof that you’re the best choice that they unequivocally fall in love with your company before your sales rep ever sets foot in their home. Read More






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