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November 20, 2019
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Solution-based Manufacturing

Alongside traditional IG manufacturing, Alpen High Performance Products developed solutions to transport, clean and dry thin, lightweight high-performance triple- and quad-pane window glass and handle it efficiently through the assembly process. CEO Brad Begin says the company has “further refined and defined the most effective process—not only proving the durability of thin glass units but also higher levels of durability that can be expected of thin glass triples.” Read More

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October Construction Starts Down from September
Thermoseal Purchases Warm Edge Spacer Production Site in UK
Soft Tech Adds Alex Bozga to Support and Training Team
AAMA and IGMA Release Schedule of FGIA Events
Crystal Vision Awards Breakfast to be Held at Design & Construction Week
The Talk

By Eric Thompson

No matter how technology has evolved over the years, the essential functionality and intent of windows and doors has remained fairly simple when you think about it. No matter how big, or what color, or what they’re made of, fenestration products grant interior environments access and views into the outdoor world around us, where and when occupants want it. 

I’ve written about the benefits and how design trends are evolving to further merge interiors with the outdoors in interesting ways. We’re seeing taller, wider, and heavier windows being used all across the construction industry, coupled with unique demands and customization for all kinds of applications. There are a lot of new considerations to be made here. For example, Window + Door recently featured how hardware manufacturers are working to keep up with challenges posed by larger, heavier units that place higher emphasis on aesthetic appeal along with performance.

It was an interesting piece, and it got me thinking. There’s another question at play for larger, customized windows and doors in homes that want to let more of the outdoors in—can they effectively keep the bugs out? Read more





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