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October 14, 2020
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The Latest
The Battle of the Forms

Purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoices are often viewed as generic forms or templates but can be just as binding as any formally negotiated contract. The terms and conditions contained in the forms can even tie into other agreements or terms, creating a convoluted set of obligations. Usually, this does not present a problem, until a dispute arises. This is commonly referred to as a "battle of the forms." Read More

5 Education Sessions for Fenestration Professionals
GlassBuild Connect, which will be live through the end of 2020, includes more than 70 exclusive education sessions covering codes, technical information, manufacturing innovations, advocacy updates, business strategy and more. Click here to read about five of the numerous sessions specifically for residential fenestration industry. 

2021 International Builders' Show Transitions to All-Virtual Event
Ultrafab Founder, Robert Horton, Passes Away
PGT Innovations Acknowledged with Workforce Innovation Award
Penn Color Introduces UV Enhancer for PVC Compounds and Extruded Profiles
Haeco Receives Patent for Sense of Touch Technology
Dr. Chris Kuehl Discusses Economic Recovery, Forecast During FGIA Virtual Fall Conference
Product Spotlight
Soft Tech V6 Cloud, offering SaaS model pricing
Soft Tech V6 has been providing customized solutions for the window and door industry for over 30 years. The revolutionary software assists in managing the design, estimation and manufacturing processes.  
Soft Tech V6 has recently been released in a cloud version. Cloud systems offer better uptime and reliability with less hardware and maintenance requirements.  
Validate engineering, set pricing options and update designs. Produce fast and accurate quotes, precise drawings and BoM’s that you can trust. Learn More.
The Talk
Groundhog Day
By Dave Vermeulen

Does anyone else feel like our lives are becoming more and more like the movie “Groundhog Day”? To jog your memory, in the comedy from 1993, Bill Murray stars as Phil Connors, a despondent weatherman who gets trapped in a time loop and relives February 2 over and over again until he finally gets it right. 

If the plot of this instant classic resonates with you as we navigate a season with a lot of uncanny parallels, you’re not alone. A podcast I’m a huge fan of called “The Rewatchables” broke down this film and dissected why it’s one they just can’t stop watching, especially right now.  

The hosts, Bill Simmons and Sean Fennessey, covered some of the more obvious takeaways through engaging prompts—the classic draw of the déjà vu story arc and how we like to pull for the overcomer. They also got into some of the more granular, interesting details. I.e. Can you imagine how hard it was to act the same scene over and over with just a tiny bit of variance? What about the challenge of building to positive character transformation within the day-to-day repetitiveness, and doing so in a way that keeps making us want to watch the film?   

As I was listening to the hosts talk through the most rewatchable scenes from the movie, one transferable takeaway became very apparent to me: the role of perspective. There are a lot of factors that are out of our control right now in the industry—the start and stop of the economy, supply issues, and the need to adjust midstream, to name a few. While we may not be stuck in a time loop like Murray’s character was, there is no clear, immediate end point to this season on the horizon.  

People across America wake up every day at home and work at their kitchen table, their kids are online home schooling and people are not traveling. They wake up the next day to do it again. How do we successfully operate in this new environment? As Connors learns and the podcast covers so humorously, it’s all in the shift of our mindset.  

When faced with the same challenges repeatedly, instead of throwing in the towel, we have the unique opportunity to look at what is and isn’t working with a critical and measured eye. Read More






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